Creating Technological Inputs To Conveniently Provide Solutions.

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Dreamwaks Limited is a company that was created with the intent of making every day mundane activities easier to implement through the use of technology. This entails the creation of technological inputs to conveniently provide solutions


Why M-Waks?

A 2005 study published in the Journal of Childhood Research stated that 58 per cent of children under the age of three spend 30-70 hours a week with domestic helpers. This shows the importance of domestic helps in our households. At one point or the other we have all encountered cases of our children being physically abused by domestic helps or having left your house intact only to come back and walk into an empty house.

The sad thing is that these kinds of cases keep on recurring due to the lack of adequate structures to keep such kinds of characters at bay. Yet we still can’t do without domestic helps in our homes. The flipside of it is that most of us have encountered that one domestic help who was such a great help and then they had to leave due to unavoidable circumstances. We feel inclined to put in a good word for them just in case they ever decide to help manage someone else’s house. That is where M-WAKS comes in handy.

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